Every future has a beginning. We have compiled a brief history of our company from its founding through to today. Take a look back with us and learn about the milestones that made Brigitte Küchen what it is today.


The foundation stone of the company was laid in the East-Westphalian town of Herford, Germany.
The carpenter Hermann Frickemeier founded the H. Frickemeier Möbelfabrik furniture company.


The next generation took over at the beginning of the 30s. Hermann Frickemeier's 26 year-old son, Rudolf, became the new managing director.


The company was renamed to become Brigitte Küchen - the name remains to this day.
In the 60s, Brigitte was one of the most popular girls' names in Germany. Also during this period, one of the first women's magazines in Germany was renamed from "Blatt der Hausfrau (The Housewife'S News)" to "Brigitte" and, along with other driving forces, this title strengthened the role of modern women in society.


The company moved to a new plant in Hiddenhausen-Bustedt in order to be able to manufacture over a much larger area. Brigitte Küchen was then able to manufacture over an area of 69,000 square metres, managed by the sons Rolf and Siegfried Frickemeier.

1990er –

The production area was extended by more than 20,000 square metres and was equipped with CN-controlled production facilities. In addition, construction of the new information centre began - an almost 1,000 square metre exhibition centre including training rooms.

Um 2010 –

Brigitte Küchen embraces the 4.0 revolution. The sales team increased its activities beyond Germany and placed its focus on markets such as Europe and overseas.

2015 –

Sustainability becomes the keyword at Brigitte Küchen. The company began making its contribution to a better future with the creation of a 5000 square meter photovoltaic system.

2017 –

Brigitte Küchen rebrands itself.
Along with the introduction of the new logo and brand identity, Brigitte Küchen presented its innovative pitch size - a huge impetus for easier planning.

2020 –

After almost 50 years of management under Rolf Frickemeier, Brigitte Küchen is continued successfully by Steffen Liebich.

2022 –

Brigitte Küchen celebrates its 100th anniversary and looks to the future with a lot of positive energy.
Experience and qualifications gained over the years, resulting in the materials of lasting value and modern production make it possible to produce high-quality fitted kitchens for the German and international market.