1. Change of management

    After almost 50 years of management under Rolf Frickemeier, Brigitte Küchen is successfully continued by Steffen Liebich.

  2. Living Kitchen

    Brigitte Küchen at the Living Kitchen 2017.



  3. Employees

    Around 285 employees are currently working at Brigitte Küchen on production and sales in Germany, Europe and overseas in an area 46,700 m². The entire company premises cover an area of approximately 93,000 m2.

  4. Purchase of the neighbouring premises

    The company was once again expanded by some 24,000 m² through purchase of the neighbouring premises.

  5. Front and surface centre

    New leading-edge technology front and surface centre.

  6. Sawing center

    New production hall with a fully automatic sawing centre.

  7. Expansion

    Extension of the production areas by construction of a new warehouse.

  8. Rebuilding

    Rebuilding of the Infocenter and training centre.

  9. Addition

    Addition of further production space for modern computer-aided worktop production.

  10. Expansion

    Further expansion to a production area of 20,000 m2 with CNC-controlled production systems and about 210 employees.

  11. Administrative building

    New administrative building and showroom at the Hiddenhausen site.

  12. Expansion

    Expansion of the company by construction of a 2450 m² hall.

  13. Fertigungsbetrieb

    A modern production plant was set up over an area of 69,000 m2 in Hiddenhausen-Bustedt by sons Rolf und Siegfried Frickemeier.

  14. Firmierung

    The name of the production facility in Herford was changed to the branded kitchen manufacturer Brigitte Küchen.

  15. Take over

    The business was taken over by his 26-year-old son Rudolf Frickemeier.

  16. Establishment

    The H. Frickemeier Möbelfabrik company was founded in Herford-Sundern by the carpenter Hermann Frickemeier.